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By Martin Popoff

Will we be hearing classic licks here? 'Walk This Way', 'Sweet Emotion', 'Draw The Line', 'Back In The Saddle'... "It's mostly new stuff. There's some stuff on there that I took from Aerosmith songs that aren't recognizable from the way that they are titled. But for anyone who knows and for anyone who is a drummer, they would probably know. So there are some songs on there, but the majority of it is new stuff, stuff that hasn't been used and grooves that I think are very usable and adaptable for the songwriting world and what it is that's going to go on for the use of this CD."

Joey delves more into the use of this set of sounds, one that is available in both 2CD and 10CD versions. "You essentially use the 2CD version and 10CD version as... well, I shouldn't say the same. The stereo mix, which is the 2CD version is really actually just one CD, two different ways. One is wet and one is dry, wet meaning it's got room mikes on it and it's a little bigger, and dry is dry so that if you want to use it without any effect on it, or put your own effect to it, then you can do that. The stereo mix, you just simply take a loop off and you put it into ProTools or whatever you're using; you take the loop off and use it the same you would any other loop CD. For somebody who knows what they're doing, it's pretty basic; there's nothing different about it from any other loop CD. And as far as the multi-track version goes, you load that into the ProTools and what that does is it loads down onto eight tracks so that you have it there at your convenience after you've done the loop and you can actually mix it. So if you want the kick drum a little louder, if you want the snare drum softer, or if you want the cymbals over here, separate them out more, you can actually mix it. You've got eight tracks of drums so you can use them with anything that you're doing. It's like having me right there in the studio with you, which by the way, no one has done. That's a new deal." (ed. referring to the idea of having a "big name" artist available in this way, something Joey says may constitute further projects for the company).

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