JOEY KRAMER - Loop In An Elevator? Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Finally, I asked Joey if he was happy with the percussion situation on Just Push Play. After all, to many moaning fans (myself included) the band is getting tragically and increasingly electronic, clinical and layered with each successive record. Is the brunt of that album's percussive bed Joey mixed in with some electronics?

"No, it's all me," counters Kramer. "I mean, there are some loops that are there that maybe we did, but as far as electronics being mixed in with me, those songs - I'm trying to think of the songs on the record - but they're all pretty much straight-ahead drum tracks. If there is any percussion on there that stands out... you know, Steven does a lot of the percussion, and if there's anything that is on there, anything from maracas to whatever you're hearing, it's all human. None of it is electronic. But that's good that you said that, because we strive to get the stuff so perfect time-wise that if it's sounding that way, that's good."