KROKUS - The Ultimate Metal Rendez-Vous!
by Martin Popoff

Looks like the full-on Krokus reunion is in good shape, with this somewhat combative bunch of Swiss metal geezas looking at... well, oddly, they are sticking to the plan of the initial reports, namely one Swiss show, followed by a new record.

We asked lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb (the band is rounded out by vocalist Marc Storace, bassist Chris Von Rohr and drummer Freddy Steady) how this unlikely re-meeting of boogie rock minds came about...

"The fact that we play now again together as a band these days is the result of an appearance last December on a Swiss TV show called Swiss Hits. The producers of that TV show wanted to have the original Krokus, meaning the original lineup, or no Krokus at all. We actually met the first time for the rehearsals in the TV studio - Marc, Freddy, Chris and me. The response of the audience was so overwhelming and the offers for concerts with the original band came in already the next day. That's why we decided to give it a shot and we agreed to have a rehearsal together. And that was when everyone in the band really realized that only this lineup is the real thing; the chemistry that Krokus is made of - nothing else can compare to this!"

"Everybody is more or less the same person with the same personality as before," continues Von Arb, asked about any changes he's noticed in his old mates. "But everybody is these days a bit more humble. You know, every one of us has made his life experience up to now; in fact we grew up and matured and we are now able to leave each other alone - we just don't have to pick on each other as we did years back. The major step is that everybody realized that it needs the right guys to have the right chemistry."

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