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by Martin Popoff

With respect to the album the guys plan to write, Fernando figures that, "The direction of Krokus is 'back to the roots.' For Europe and Switzerland that means back to Metal Rendez-Vous; in the US we were known more with Headhunter. But basically it's simple riff rock - we just try to make good songs that are not too complicated. The sound will be again two guitars and we will not get too fancy - we try to keep it simple. So yes, the Krokus sound is guitar... guitar and an incredible voice above that. Song-wise, like I say, it's mainly riff rock, but we always write one that goes a little bit away from this bluesy riff rock, like maybe a ballad."

Asked about classics he personally likes to play live (songs that presumably would make the set list coming up), he goes with, "'Heatstrokes', 'Bedside Radio', both from our album Metal Rendez-Vous; then there is 'Screaming In The Night' and 'Rock 'n' Roll Tonight'. What else? Of course, if the song is in the set, 'Eat The Rich'. And the reason I like to play them is because I can express myself the best in these songs. I really can put my personality and my heart in it."

Back to 2008, what is the timeline for the new album?

"Now we are preparing for the first big show that will take place in Switzerland beginning of August. My focus is solely on that at the moment, so I have no timeline concerning the new album before that show. After this concert in Switzerland we'll start to write songs and do some recordings. So I think that we will not do any American dates in 2008."

Prompted to reflect on the band's legacy, Fernando says that, "Even if Krokus never made it to the very, very top, I think, on one side, the hard rock fans are going to keep in their hearts a few great songs that we wrote during the years and for those who have seen us, it's the very energetic live performances. And on the other side, people within the closer circle of the band will say, 'Well, that's the band that had control over their destiny. They almost made it, and then they f**ked it up themselves, all because of their ego battles!' In general, over the years, the only thing that will be remembered from any band are their greatest songs, and for the ones that have seen these bands live, it's the memory of a great show."

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