KROKUS - The Ultimate Metal Rendez-Vous! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

In closing I had to give Fernando the gears around this concept that French bands - and I was knowingly lumping his Swiss band in here - seemed to really latch onto a form of AC/DC-derived boogie rock, back in the low '80s, sorta post-NWOBHM. For those of us who remember, it was considered a bit pathetic, and frankly it really tarnished the reputation of the French with respect to the forging of metal...

"Well OK, you mention French bands (laughs), but French bands come from France - we are a Swiss band, from Switzerland, and not from Sweden (laughs). And Celtic Frost are from Zurich in the Swiss-German part. Anyway, I think the AC/DC-ish sound fits very good to the mentality we have here. We're not people that play funk music very good, even if a lot of Swiss people try to. I think earthy riff rock fits best to the mentality. We're mountain people - a lot of rocks around us (laughs)."

See for more (actually hell, just Google "Krokus official site" - it's actually fairly full service despite the weird url.).