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by Martin Popoff

Agreeing to move on, Marc zeros in on his favourite lyric on the album."'Spirit Of The Night' is really... it's like, it's like a survival, the oppressed, oppression: 'The big wheel of fortune crashed down to the ground and broke through the city wall.' The comfort, the luxury, has suddenly gone down the drain, and you are in the catacombs trying to survive; you are being oppressed. So I think that is my favourite one, on that note. And then I really like 'Angel Of My Dreams' because I wrote that without thinking of the song. I wrote that a while before Tony came up with the music, and when I went home with the CD, with Tony's music on it, I immediately, on the way home, thought of 'Angel Of My Dreams'. I was really hoping that it was going to fit rhythmically, and I had to chop and change a bit and leave a little bit out, but I used the essence and fit it all in. And it's something that I think every lover would like to say to another lover, that kind of song, very positive, expressing thank you, a sign of appreciation. It could be me to my own wife, even to my own daughter, because it's very open. But basically it's also dealing with the supernatural, the dream sector of our lives, something we have no control of."

Any comment on Mark Kohler or Freddy Steady, past members of Krokus at their commercial prime?

"I just met Freddy last Saturday, and he enjoyed our gig. We played in our hometown and this gig was incredible. We hit them like straight in the teeth (laughs). And it was special because it was the birthplace of Krokus and we pasted them into the wall and they loved it! Freddy really praised us. He was really nice; I think he's the most open and diplomatic, next to Mark Kohler. And I would never have expected Von Rohr or Von Arb to turn up to that gig or anything. They are far too proud. They are the Vons - you are talking about Vons (laughs). But Freddy is still cool, and I signed his poster for his son, and he talked with our new drummer, Stephan, for hours, and he praised him, and said 'Yes, you are a machine, man. You're really f**king great.' And I'm like... well, Freddy, great a great guy. Freddy has a great job, great salary, and nice American wife, and a lovely son, a hockey player (laughs). And he is the manager, he's got a great job. He's got about 30 females underneath him (laughs). And I think it's a factory that produces wool, woolen fabrics or something like that. He seems to be happy."

What does Mark Kohler do now?

"Mark Kohler also has a family, the same wife as he had when we were on the road. They have a couple of kids, nice kids. And Mark is still a nice guy. He works for this lighting company, lighting designer something, and they provide lights, like if you're going to have a fair or something, whatever you want to have, exhibitions, any kind of show. I guess Mark is the guy who shows up first and checks out the hall, and takes measurements and discusses what kinds of things you need. And what about the two Vons?

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