JAMES LABRIE Interview Page 2
from BW&BK

Was there much interaction with Yes, particular vocal legend Jon Anderson?

"To be quite honest with you, was there a lot of interaction between us and Yes? No. Because the way that those guys work, their whole approach to performing each and every night is that they show up at the venue 15 minutes before, and then they go on stage. Whereas we are there, we sound check every day. The only guy that sound checks in Yes is Steve Howe. He goes there and plays through his guitar and he hears the sounds and make sure that he is comfortable and that's it. The rest of the guys, they show up, like I said, 15-20 minutes before the show, they walk on stage, they do their show and they leave. It wasn't until near the end of the tour that we started to have a little more interaction with the guys, you know, like Steve and talking with Alan White (drums) and even Jon Anderson came in one night because he came and he listened to most of the set. He said, 'Wow, I love you guys, you guys are great, it's really great to see a contemporary band like yourselves doing this kind of music, and doing it well.' That is a great compliment, coming from him 'cause he's so into the progressive side of music, the more epic approach to songs, something that is a little more meaningful than just getting a quick bang or whatever. He was very cool. I think for the most part they're into their routine. They know what they want to do, they know how to go about it, they've been doing it for 35 years."

LaBrie is currently writing and rehearsing in New York City with his Dream Theater bandmates on the followup to 2003's Train Of Thought.

His as-yet-untitled solo was recorded at a secret "cottage studio" located in Balm Beach, Ontario (just outside of Midland - one hour north of Toronto). The MULLMUZZLER moniker is history and he will move onward and upward as simply the JAMES LABRIE BAND. Joining the singer on the recording are longtime co-writer/keyboardist Matt Guillory, Italian newcomer guitarist Marco Sfogli, drummer Mike Mangini (ex-EXTREME, ANNIHILATOR, STEVE VAI, TRIBE OF JUDAH), bassist Bryan Beller and writer/guitarist Brian Wherry. LaBrie is producing alongside engineer/mixer Richard Chycki (Labrie's former WINTER ROSE bandmate who's also worked with MICK JAGGER and AEROSMITH recently).