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By Martin Popoff

"One of my favourite lyrics is Livin' In A Maze," answers Andrea when asked about the lyrical themes on the album, themes which, as it turns out, match perfectly the sincere crafting of the music. "Because I wanted to speak about the band. I don't want to speak about swords and dragons and girls. We want to speak about only our impressions of life. Everybody in the band has had their good moments and sad moments. And I like Livin' In A Maze because it speaks about our history, and it's good, because when we're onstage, Rob sings the song and I can look the other guys in the eye, OK, guys we are here and that's really good. And in a song like This World, we speak about society, not politics, but what the band thinks. That's the feeling of the album, I think. All the songs are about our experiences during these last three years. In a song like Neverending Rest, Andrea (De Paoli, keyboardist) wanted to speak about friends of the band, so I think that's the best way for a band to write music, playing and singing our feelings. I don't know how people will react about that, but for me it's really important now. Music is my life, so I wanted to make something really personal."

On the subject of influences, and heroes, Andrea is quick to cite one particular legend. "Yes, one of my heroes is Criss Oliva from Savatage. When I speak about my music, I don't speak about my guitar playing, I speak about my songs. So to meet a musician like Criss, it's great, because of course he writes really good solos, but most importantly, he writes really good songs. I'm only a guitar player in a band; I don't want to be a leader. So I prefer a good musician like Criss Oliva or Chris DeGarmo or Jeff Waters. They are incredible musicians for sure, but it's not like Yngwie Malmsteen. I also like Steve Vai, which is normal, because I'm a guitar player and I love guitar (laughs). But I prefer musicians as part of a band."

Do you guys have regular jobs outside of music?

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