L.A. GUNS - "I Want A Metal Record!" Page 4
By Martin Popoff

Truer, unaffectedly confident words have never been spoken. Catch L.A. Guns making it tough for four more bands all over America this summer, and then see them live on their own headline jaunt throughout the fall.

"Summer's hard; everybody is working," remarks drummer Steve Riley in closing, when asked if they've hooked up with many old rock buddies while on this tour. "We had a few people who drifted over from the Ozzfest when we played New Jersey. The singer from Drowning Pool came up to me and I had never met him before, and he was a big fan of us. It's a telltale sign, because I had been noticing for the last year and a half that all the metal bands there are right now, throw respect to all the '80s bands. It's the direct opposite from the '90s. Those bands did not throw any respect. It was uncool to say they dug anything from the '80s. But things have changed."