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by Martin Popoff

But with a new name like Lamb Of God, I had to ask if the boys now get invited to play at the annual church picnic. "Well, yeah, we have been mistaken for a Christian band, but it doesn't happen as often as we were mistaken for a Satanic band as Burn The Priest (laughs). So that was a goal, to get rid of that. But at this point, I'd much rather deal with people thinking we were a Christian band than a Satanic band, even though we are neither." Earth to Flanders: fold out the cover art and you will see that the elegant tan stock and metallic ink design from Ken Adams includes what Chris calls an "industrial crown of thorns."

And what about the title of the album, New American Gospel?

"Well the reason we called it that, and the reason we started this whole band in the first place back in 1994, one of the reasons we got together, other than just being friends and drinking beer, was that it was impossible to find a record we wanted to listen to. We were all into heavy stuff and it seemed like metal was taking a bad direction. So we sat down and said, hey, why don't we see if we can do this? Let's see if we can make the music that it seems nobody can make for us. And as we progressed and did that, we kind of put a puzzle together of exactly that. It is exactly what we wanted to hear and we put a 110% into it and I get that same feeling when I listen to it. It's one of my favorite records to listen to because it's exactly what I wanted. So I think the name reflects exactly that. We put up a new standard for ourselves to be able to live up to, including any recordings in the future."

Even though Chris characterizes the overall production vibe of the album bare bones, there is no mistaking its perfect fit with the band's time-straddling, intellectualizing yet rusted ruff riffs. Today Is The Day's Steve Austin was brought in to knob-twiddle, and his work is fast-paced, harsh but reassuringly hard and solid, as well as anxiety-ridden in the New Englandcore style, the perfect approach for a band that seems to be in a race against time to create lasting works of metal magic.

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