Lamb Of God - Pure American Metal Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"He was awesome; he's totally intense," beams Adler. "The coolest thing about Steve was (and we recorded the first record with him as well), when that decision came up, it really wasn't something that I wanted to do, and I had kind of been spearheading the decisions for the band. I really didn't think that Steve would have the ear for what we were going after. I wanted to be this kind of tight progressive metal band and I thought he was wrapped up with a lot of noise stuff, stuff that I didn't really like. But, our budget was tiny and when we put out the word with several producers we thought of working with, he immediately got back to us. We had played a couple of shows with him before and he called us up and just wanted to make it happen. He was a fan of the band and he loved the shows we had played together. Whatever it took, he wanted the project and wanted to make it happen. So we eventually went up there and through the experience, I think Steve and I, and the rest of the band, really felt a mutual respect. And I think at this point he's irreplaceable. We work really well together. Steve is kind of the honourary member of this band. He put 110% of himself into the project. He really gave it his all to make it happen and he wanted to make us happy. There was no way we would have left that studio if he didn't think we were happy with what we had. And he's very proud of that, as are we."

So there you have it, the creation of a harsh record for metal fans who will find themselves learning about harsh from their less extreme, more comfortable vantage point, tugged in a direction and finding themselves enjoying it. The creators are guys who feel the same way, or at least know all the ways, and most of the pathways. And they have scattered crumbs along the yellow brick-to-the-head road to bring all metal campers to the bonfire.

Catch Lamb Of God on tour "regionally", i.e. Virginia and points close, through March and then further afield starting in April with Cannibal Corpse.