LEGS DIAMOND - Working On Follow-Up To Diamonds Are Forever
Special report by Martin Popoff

LEGS DIAMOND keyboardist Michael Prince and guitarist Roger Romeo checked in with HardRadio's Martin Popoff offering a few comments on the follow-up to 2005's Diamonds Are Forever, which is in the works now.

"Just Legs Diamond," says Michael, asked about the direction of the record, given the band's diversity over 30 years of top-flight rock. "It's really funny because no matter what we write, we always sound like ourselves. If we try to write, oh, I don't know, if we listen to something else that is more modern, whenever we play, it ends up sounding like us anyway. It's funny, because Roger emailed me and said 'Michael, I don't know what kind of songs you want me to write' And I go, 'Roger, you've been in the band since 1975: why are you asking me that?' But there are times when we've written more pop songs, and there are times when Roger went through his punk stage for a while where he really wanted to push the band in that direction. And I just said 'Hey, listen to Town Bad Girl - those are some great songs; listen to our first couple of records.' You know, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here. The less we think about it, it'll be a Legs Diamond album. One thing, I know George (at prospective label, AOR Heaven) asked for more keyboard songs, because we probably had too many non-keyboard songs on the last album for his taste. Or for your classic AOR-type melodic hard rock fans."

Adds Roger, "Well, did you hear the last one, with the new singer? That gives you kind of an idea. We're still keeping traditional, but we are adding a few things into it because we're all musicians and we all keep our ears open, and we all like new music too. Luckily a lot of the new music is pretty heavy, so we don't have to stray too far."

See www.legsdiamond.com for more on the band, although scant fresh news has been on offer for quite some time now.