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by Martin Popoff

Surmising favourites on the immediately catchy but bottom-heavy album, Lita says, "'The Devil In My Head' is a song about... you know how you've got an angel on the left shoulder, and a devil on your right shoulder, and sometimes the angel is telling you to do one thing and the devil is telling you to do the other? That's what that song is pretty much based around. We started off writing 'The Angel On My Shoulder,' and it turned out to be 'The Devil In My Head' (laughs). Because I'm drawn to the dark side; it's a dark record."

Not so dark that it doesn't feel anthemic though, like a deft cross between shiny '80s metal and the stuff bands from that era tried in the '90s, with a l'il down-tuning and malevolent vocalizing. Run that by Lita, and she recognizes the balance...

"A riff is a riff, you know? It doesn't matter when you played it. It's just, a riff is a riff. It does have a bit of a current vibe to it, and I think that just happened naturally. We didn't try to copy anybody through the writing of this record, nor did we try to shy away from the '80s riffs. As a matter of fact, I think the music industry has really found itself up against a wall, and has nowhere to go, except for it to turn around and come back. And on its way back, you're gonna run into some of those '80s riffs (laughs). But I'm not dating this record. I'm not saying that this record sounds like an '80s record, because to me it doesn't. It sounds like a, you know, 2012 record to me. The production quality of it, I think, has given it a current feel, a current vibe. And vocally it's different. It's not like those high screaming vocals, with all the woooaaaahhhhhh - all that's gone. These vocals are very monotone at times, and they tell a story. When we mixed this record, Gary asked me one question on one of the songs, 'Lita do you think the vocals are too loud?' And I said 'Gary, I don't think you can have the vocals too loud.' As a matter of fact, I would put them right out front so everybody can hear every little breath, every little mutter. Because it's what people want to hear. They want to know what I'm saying. The lyrics to this record are so important. I don't want anybody to miss a thing. I don't want anything covered up by loud drums or screaming guitars. The guitars have their moment, the vocals have their moment, and I just want the story to be told, to be heard, and so, yeah, we really put the vocals loud in the mix, so people can hear the story behind the song."

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