LITA FORD - Gotta Keep A' Runnin' Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"But I thought we were pretty punk, actually," reflects Lita, laughing at how rough the road was for The Runaways. "We fit right in with all the punks because of our age and our attitude, even our music. We were punks. The first tour we ever did with The Runaways was three months on the road with the Ramones. That was pretty cool. I remember squeezing into this station wagon, like nine of us, all squished into this station wagon, driving across country for three months. And The Ramones would get handfuls of stuff thrown at them on stage, and so they used to put chicken wire up at the front the stage, to protect the band."

That won't be necessary on the glammed-out tour Lita will be enjoying this summer.

"Oh God, I'm very excited about the tour," says Lita, who will be warming the crowd up for Poison and Def Leppard on one of the sun-burned summer blockbusters of the year. "We can't wait. We're thrilled. It's gonna be a huge tour, one of the biggest tours of the year. I think it's just three big tours going out this year, and I just thank God that we are on one. And the guys are great, smokin' live. CC Deville (Poison guitarist), man, he's become such a great guitar player; he really has. Check him out when they come through town. He's a talented guy, and he's sober, and it really shows - really great, great show."

As for Lita's plan of attack... "We'll have Gary Hoey, of course, and Gary's drummer, Matt, Matt Scurfield. And we're going to not use a keyboard player this time. Marty O'Brien is going to be playing bass, and it's going to be pretty much a guitar-orientated tour. Lots of riffs and lots of jamming. We're looking forward to it. We've got 30 minutes to open the show, so we just get up there and kick ass for 30 minutes. We'll just be getting warmed up by the time it's time to get off (laughs)."