LIVING COLOUR - Livin' Vivid Live!
by Martin Popoff

Touring with the Stones, the latter mattering big-time with their massive Steel Wheels contraption, Living Colour were blowing up all over America, with their debut album from 1988, Vivid soon to go double Platinum, its follow-up, Time's Up, catching draft and going Gold.

Now the guys are back--although they've not really been away: 2009's The Chair In The Doorway is a fine, artsy record of typical noise annoys Living Colour--playing Vivid live in its entirety.

"Well, you know, it kind of snuck up on us, the 25th anniversary," mused vocalist Corey Glover, "and so many things have happened to us in that process, and all because of this one particular record. Plus we hadn't played a lot of this stuff in a very long time, or at all, live. And we thought maybe we should give this album a chance to get noticed."

"I think it was our take on the world," answers Glover, asked what the magic was of that album. "The thoughts that we tried to convey on the record were not particularly ones that you heard from that genre of music. You didn't really hear such aggression other than in punk music, with themes that we sort of decided to tackle, social themes. I think it was the combination of where it was coming from and how it was being delivered and what was being said, that gave us somewhat of an advantage, I think. It perked up people's ears and people gave it a listen and gave it more chance to be heard, than any record like that at the time."

It's come time to address the band's sound, their frustrating and noisy sound. But I figured I'd see what Corey had to say about it, before putting words in his mouth. Frankly, he didn't bite!

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