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by Martin Popoff

"I think it was a combination of a number of things. This subgenre of rock music has, had, for many years, a very specific theme about it. It felt a certain way, it looked a certain way, you talked about certain things, and we took those things to task, on several different levels. We decided that we were going to use the things that we had, things that we were accustomed to, the music we were accustomed to, the music we frequented, if you will. In areas of Caribbean music, jazz, of R&B and gospel, of certain African rhythms. Certain, as I say, places that we were familiar with, but not familiar with in a rock genre."

So what about the noise?

"Oh yeah, we like it loud, for sure. How can you be heard if you're not loud?"

But was there a certain Van Halen-esque joie de vivre, a love of pollution, something even akin to Zeppelin on a tear...?

"Well, I would compare it more to the blues than anything else," counters Glover. "Because the blues sort of was what it was. The band, on much of those recordings were as is--it was one take. And we were not trying to be a multi-piece band. There's four of us. We want to take up as much space as we possibly can, with the four of us in the room."

"Obviously, checking the trajectory of our career, you would notice that that we didn't concern ourselves very much with hit singles," laughs Glover, asked if folks at their label, Epic, were frustrated at the band's raw approach. "Although we did try (laughs). We did try. And we did pretty well. I mean, Time's Up has 'Type' on it, and that did pretty well for us. 'Elvis Is Dead'. And then Stain, we had 'Leave It Alone', and 'Bi', and those are our attempts at writing, making singles. I mean, they might've suggested, but I don't think we would've taken heed to it too much. I think they were very confident in what we had accomplished and what we could accomplish."

Attempting to get a few actual rock influences out of Corey... dead end! The question starts with, you guys are a total rock band, close to heavy metal even--were you all big hard rock fans?

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