LIVING COLOUR - Livin' Vivid Live! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Exactly. You can hear the pre-punk stuff in there as well, with 'Time's Up'. So we didn't close the door to anything. And that's the point. We don't close the door to anything, any ideas. We don't close the door to any place that could be gotten to, that we could go to. You know, even in 'Time's Up', there's sort of a time signature that reckons to klezmer music in a way. So again, we like the idea that you can go anywhere and everywhere, musically."

And they're coming to my town, Toronto, and everywhere else, bringing those hits from the genre-breaking debut, Vernon Reid skronking over the jagged rhythms of drummer Will Calhoun and bassist Doug Wimbish, Glover holding it together with a croon o'er top.

Addressing the contours of the upcoming shows, Corey figures, "Well, like I said, there are certain songs we have never played live. We've never played 'I Want To Know' live, after we made the record. We played 'I Want To Know' before we had a deal--a lot. And it was very... 'I Want To Know' played live was different than 'I Want To Know' that we made in the studio. And we're playing 'I Want To Know' as the studio version, for the first time ever, really. And that's very interesting. And we play some newer stuff, not really newer stuff; we do a cover, sort of in the beginning of the show, and then go straight in and do Vivid. We never played Vivid in its entirety, first song to last, ever. And so that's very interesting. But in order to do this, we play 'Cult Of Personality' first. We never play 'Cult Of Personality' in the beginning of the show, ever. So we have to deal with that, and wrap our minds around it. It's almost like playing the record backwards. It's also the 20th anniversary of Stain, so we're playing songs from Stain as well. And some of those songs we haven't played in years. You know, 'Leave It Alone', you're talking about songs, melodic songs, 'Leave It Alone', very melodic song; 'Mind Your Own Business' is a song we haven't played since the record was out, and that's 20 years ago. So we're doing stuff like that. So that's been very much a part of this process. And it's a challenge for us. Were trying to challenge ourselves, to what we know and what we can do--and what we remember (laughs). It's been so long..."