Bobby Rondinelli's THE LIZARDS - Oh No Godzilla!
by Martin Popoff

The Lizards are a New York-based band consisting of Patrick Klein, Randy Pratt plus a couple of warhorses, namely John Garner, singer for obscure '70s metal legends Sir Lord Baltimore and Bobby Rondinelli, current drummer for Blue Oyster Cult, ex-skinsman for Rainbow and Black Sabbath.

The band's second album Rule, is out now (see and the music enclosed is a large dose of groovy retro hard rock distinguished by Garner's smoky vocal prowess. The band have toured Europe backing up label mates Vanilla Fudge, but currently a new trek over there is up in the air, due to conflicts with an imminent west coast March tour for the Cultsters. Plans are afoot to try bring The Lizards and Vanilla Fudge to Canada as well, but all that may be on hold now too.

"It's probably 12 or 13 shows," says Rondinelli of the BOC jaunt. "Oh yeah, we just keep going; there will be all of that and we're talking about adding some Canadian dates to the end of this run in March. In the summer I know we have one date in Holland." No discussions have taken place with Bobby about the next BOC studio album.

"We're like a bluesy hard rock band with a little bit of funkiness to it; pretty cool stuff," sez Bobby, switching gears back to The Lizards. The funkier end of it really hasn't been covered by any of my previous bands. They were more straight-ahead rock bands and you know, we get funky sometimes; it's nice. Plus I get involved in the writing, which is cool, because I'm with most of the stuff from the ground up."

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