Bobby Rondinelli's THE LIZARDS - Oh No Godzilla! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"Actually I just met John when I started working with the band. I knew of him but I'd never met him before," continues Bobby, adding a glimpse into the writing process for the band. "Sometimes somebody will bring a song to the table, you know? And it will come up that way. Or sometimes we'll just get in a room and star jamming; that happens a lot, where we'll jam for a couple of hours or a couple of days and we'll record everything. And then the guitar player Patrick, will usually sift through everything and listen to it and pick out some of the cooler riffs and feels and then we'll star jamming on that again, and adding parts, recording it. This band plays a lot; we play a lot and we rehearse a lot. It's pretty prolific. The band is always writing."

And what are Patrick's and Randy's backgrounds?

"Randy's been in a lot of New York City bands - great bass player - and Patrick is a singing guitarist, writer, producer, from the midwest who relocated here about seven years ago. And him and Randy hooked up and they are actually the nucleus of The Lizards."

Plans are for the band's label, Hyperspace Records to add to their roster with albums by a re-formed Vanilla Fudge, a re-formed Cactus, and solo work from Fudge keyboardist Mark Stein, on which Rondinelli has guested.