LYNCH MOB - Back To Bionic Histrionics
By Martin Popoff

George Lynch has decided to be Mr. Scary again. After wandering to the dark side with an ignored rap metal album called Smoke This, Lynch has re-collared golden era Lynch Mob vocalist Robert Mason and has let the newly constituted band, including Anthony Esposito on bass and Michael "Fro" Frowein, loose on four Dokken and nine Lynch Mob classics. The result is a re-make/re-toque called Revolution, more details to be found at or for now,

The original Dokken axeman explains his machinations, his motivations, his rationalizations... "Well, we felt there were two ways to sort of reanimate the band. And one was the idea of writing a new original studio record from the ground up, putting the group together and all that that would entail, which is a pretty monumental task. We were prepared to do that and then we had an offer from Cleopatra to do this record and it was much easier to look at that and go, well, it's not as much work and it's fun again and it's a way to step up and get our foot in the door and kind of work our way back to where we want to be. And it buys us some more time towards writing a record that would have taken us probably a year to write. In the meantime we can write and record as we are doing this and touring while having a record that is sort of outlined now like the original record. So it keeps us ahead of the game. So the short answer is that this is kind of a quicker, more efficient means to an end. And it gets the band back out on the road and in people's ears."

What you think are the main improvements or advances with these four Dokken songs?

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