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By Martin Popoff

It should be noted that George also has an album coming out on Spitfire soon with his old Dokken mate Jeff Pilson, as L/P.

"That should be coming out pretty soon - I believe April 22nd - and that's a record that Jeff and I spent the good part of 15 months working on and we're very proud of the record. It's a beautiful record, very complex, deep, sometimes powerful. And I think it's a very amazing piece of work. I think it's a very unique record as well. It doesn't sound like we're jumping on some nu-metal bandwagon or trying to redo Dokken or anything like that; it's its own thing."

"We're doing the West Coast thing right now," says Lynch in closing, looking at what is a surprisingly stratified future. "Southwest, the mountain states. We've got some Ratt shows we're going to do around the L.A. area and Vegas. Then we're going to go back in and finish working on our DVD that's coming out in May. Then we're going to work on two or three songs for our album that will be our next original record, studio record; it'll probably come out early next year. We've got quite a few songs written. We want to get those recorded correctly. I'm also working on producing and writing an artist I'm working with; I need to do some work on that as well. And then in May were going out with some kind of a decent support and we're going to go to the East Coast and Florida and possibly Canada. That will be in May into June. And in July, we plan on going to Japan and then in August and September we're touring with Thin Lizzy. And then also in any downtime I have between Lynch Mob and touring, I'm going to be touring with L/P. I have not stopped working in the last two years; it's just been nonstop (laughs)."