MACHINE HEAD - Welcome Home... Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"I think so. I think that with the last record, we kind of lost some people. We were kind in this experimental mode just trying a bunch of different shit musically, and, you know, still trying to challenge ourselves. But I just don't know if all of it worked (laughs). It's not like we really sold out, it's just like we started sucking, you know? If you were going to sum it up. I think there were too many compromises being made for individuals, as opposed to compromises being made in the best interest of the band as a whole. And you know, part of that falls on me and part of it, I think, just falls on everybody's unwillingness to budge or whatever. But I think with this, I absolutely... I think with it coming out over there months ahead, I think anybody who had any doubts... as the word started filtering in through the European underground, people are like, 'Yeah, f**kin' whatever about Machine Head,' and people would be like, 'f**k dude, this record is really good; you gotta check it out.' It kind of grew, and by the time it came out, we charted super high. You're probably right about that. For sure."

In closing, Flynn counts down the next events in the new life of Machine Head...

"We're doing this tour, then we're doing an Australian and then a European tour. We're probably doing more dates at the beginning of next year here in the states. What my game plan and our vision is, which we're trying to implement here, is we want to do another video, for 'Days Turn Blue To Gray'. We want to do a third video for 'Descend The Shades Of Night'. We're playing the Brixton Academy again in December, and we want to film that for a DVD. And we're also talking about having more of like a fan-filmed version of this Burn My Eyes show, where we just give a bunch of fans in the audience cameras, and they film it, and we get their perspective and have that as a bonus attachment to the DVD, that we have. And the DVD that's going to come out, it will be our first DVD. It's going to be very Through The Ashes Of Empires-centric. It's going to be focused around that visually and sound-wise. It's going to be the live show. You know, have that, and have a lot of the standard f**kin' rock 'n' roll shenanigans, f**kin' stupid beer f**kin' maniacs, beer bongs, and vodka mania (laughs)."