MAGNUM - No Visitation For North America Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Yeah, more mid-'80s for that, I think. But of course you got a lot of bad glam stuff coming out at the same time, so we invested in some rather loud stage clothes and things and sort of joined the trend visually as well. The music remained the same. We did go a tiny bit commercial with the likes of Vigilante, bringing in Roger Taylor from Queen to help produce that - we got the commercialism of Queen production on that. Which I thought, still to this day, sounds great. And that was followed by our biggest albums to date which was Wings Of Heaven, which was 1988, which had the might of the record industry behind it. I mean, let's face it, if you got the machine working for you, you can make just about anything a hit. And of course that was the introduction of Fairlights and computers and things like that, which helped us to compete with some of those sounds, some of those techniques that were coming out, with the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and stuff like that. Suddenly that technology was available to us, and we used that on Wings Of Heaven, which was a long-winded way of recording things but you know, it comes out the speakers great. So we sort of progressed as technology progressed (laughs)."

But back to the current day, and the realities of the music in 2011, Stanway figures, "We're still very fortunate to have a record deal in this day and age, where these things seem to be disappearing. But when we finish this tour, we've got hopefully a few festivals in the summer, a few select dates before Christmas, and then Tony has already started writing the next album, so we'll be back in the studio in the new year making another album."