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by Martin Popoff

"And I hadn't played him the song either. So he comes in and I have a lyric sheet, and I say, 'This song is called Rise Up,' and then I play the song, and I sing the melody, or play the melody on guitar. 'Here's the vocal melody, here are the words, go inside and sing it.' So every song that is on the album was recorded... you know, that was the first time it was played and sung. And that's a very big difference. And I'm also extremely pleased with the sound, because I brought in Tom Fletcher, who is just the greatest; he managed to get a really tight sound."

And what is Derek Sherinian's part in all this? Was he right there in the studio with you?

"Well, he actually came in for a couple of days. No, he wasn't, no. Basically, me and Patrick, just us two, would do the drums in one room. And then I would take those hard drives to my mixing studio, overdub studio, and then I would put all the rhythm guitars and all the bass on, and then I would build it up, guitar synths and all that. Then Derek would come in and put some parts in, and then Dougie would come in and sing it. It was all done like that."

Are you saying that some of these are literally first takes?

"No, I'm saying that all of them are!"

Even Dougie's stuff?! Like, here is the song, first time, sing it, and that's what's on the record?!

"Yes. Isn't that great?! That's why I think the album has a lot of energy. Because what happens is, if you demo the songs, then you rehearse it to death, and then you go into the recording studio, and you record it over and over and over again, it just becomes stale. And maybe that doesn't come through to everybody, but certainly to me it does. So that's... I'm actually in the studio right now recording another album. Yeah, before we do the tour here in March, I figured I would take the time, because Patrick is here in Miami too, so we're doing the same thing again. I have about 14 new songs written and put down. Yeah, I just keep on going."

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