YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Attack!! Then attack again. Page 3
by Martin Popoff

The plan is to have Dougie in for that next album as well, Yngwie planning to finish the backing tracks, then tour, then get back and polish 'er off. I asked the man why Dougie this time, and not say, Mark Boals. "Well, they're both really good, you know," says Yngwie. "Dougie has more of an, I would say, traditional rock voice, and Mark's voice is really high. They're both good in their own ways. I didn't use Mark because I felt that you sort of go around in circles a little bit, you know? It became... it was hard to make it fresh, you know what I'm saying? Because I made like four or five albums with him now (laughs)?"

And whither and whit the direction of the next set of Yngwie attacks?

"Well, they definitely have the Malmsteen stamp; that I cannot deny. However, they're extremely heavy. I mean, really heavy, very riffy, you know? Very riffy and heavy. Some songs are really fast, some songs are like Sabbath on steroids. I just want to mix and match. And there are a couple more laid-back things. But these are just the 14 songs we've got now. I'm probably going to end up recording 30 songs until I decide that that's enough. I'm really just scratching the surface. We haven't really planned when the other guys are going to come in. Me and Patrick play tennis. Okay, after tennis, why don't we just go in and record? We do that; that's like a regimen. That works out great, because that's what we did last time. It's a really great way to do it, because there is no pressure. And you listen to it later, and it becomes so fresh. And you go wow, this isn't so bad, let's use this. That's how I do it. A lot of bands are like, okay, these are the ten songs we're going to do, and that's it. But I don't like to work like that."