MANRAZE - "Push The Boat Out A Bit"
by Martin Popoff

Low-key supergroup Manraze are set in sunny August to launch their second full-length album, follow-up to Surreal, called Punkfunkrootsrock, which is, unsurprisingly, a good description of the sound conjured by Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, along with Phil Collen and Simon Laffy, both of Girl fame (Phil's been in another notable band too, I hear).

"I guess, it's just a bit of a free spirit thing," begins "Cookie," down the line to Hardradio from his home in London. "It's a band that enables us to do what we want, really, without any restrictions. Especially as far as Phil is concerned, I guess, and myself, where we can go off on certain tangents that we couldn't do in our other bands, and be a bit more freewheeling with the music."

Indeed it's quite refreshing to hear, particularly, Phil Collen in this mode, texturing, making use of rhythm 'n' reggae, generally finding new ways to make the guitar talk. "It gives us the freedom, where it allows us to experiment," agrees Cook. "Well, I wouldn't even call it experimenting, even. We're just freed up to do what we want musically, without any restrictions. Just to go out there and push the boat out a bit, you know? Because in our other bands, either Pistols or Def Leppard, there's a certain sound there, and you've got all those other guys in the band to deal with, and it doesn't deviate that much, so this is completely different to that, I guess."

"We all chip in," notes Paul, with respect to songwriting duties. "We come up with ideas, and everyone works on it, really. I mean, Phil is away sometimes; he's lived in LA for a while now, so he sends over ideas from America, to me and Simon. We live in London, and he sends out basic ideas and we have a listen to that and we'll put stuff on top of that and then send it back to him via the Internet. And we bounce ideas like that, across the world, really. We all chip in and split the songwriting equally."

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