by Martin Popoff

Legendary DOORS keyboardist Ray Manzarek gave the following comment on the required legal change of the band name DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY, the moniker for the act Manzarek runs with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and THE CULT singer Ian Astbury.

"We can't use the name The Doors in any way, shape or form. Judge Pinky Allercon said that... that's his nickname... Gregory Allercon."

Is that just for here in Canada or for when you go back into the states as well? (Note: it was touch and go whether the band's show in Toronto, with VANILLA FUDGE and PAT TRAVERS in tow, would even go ahead at all, due to the controversy.).

"For the rest of my life. Forever and ever and ever." So you have to change the name of the band right now The Doors Of The 21st Century?

"Right, well, we're D21C, eh, eh?! (laughs). Like it says on Ty's drums (ed. Ty Dennis). D21C. So that's who we are now."

Are you guys going to be working on new music?

"Yeah, maybe. Yeah, we might. We've got some things; we're talking about it. We're in composition."

So this name thing is just a bump? No big deal? Are you going to fight it?

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