Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Blowing Away Crowds With Eye Of The Storm Page 2
By Martin Popoff

"Well I've got my feeling and then I've got all this feedback I've been getting," continues Marino, recounting fan reaction. "Certainly what they've been telling me is not what I thought. I've lived with it so long that I'm probably more objective than what the fans are. There's always been a kind of 80/20 response to my albums, but this has been totally across the board positive. Not even one negative comment. But what I'm saying is that this record is very rootsy, because I never really thought it was going to come out. I did a record that I just wanted to do. I sort of quit the music business in 1993 and really had no reason or idea to go back and play live, but I always wanted to continue to record. And as evidence that I wasn't trying to get this on the radio, there's 72 minutes of music on the CD and only nine songs. You couldn't pack any more in. To me it's a very underground original psychedelic Mahogany Rush record. It's as if I had done my first record but knew a lot more than I did when I did it. I like to joke that it's the record I wanted to make when I was 16 but didn't know how to do. And the fact that I wasn't encumbered by any sort of idea that it would ever show up on the store shelves just made me make a record that I liked, that I was going to play for myself. And so far that's a fortunate thing. It taught me a lesson here that that's what I used to do when I was young. But then somewhere along the line, in the middle, I got away from that and tried to make music that was what I wanted but at the same time was tailored to what I thought might be wanted by fans or by record companies. I think that really hurt a lot of the records I did."

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