BERNIE MARSDEN - David Coverdale To Contribute To New Solo Album Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Look At Me Now and And About Time Too... I think more drummers bought those albums than any other people," chuckles Marsden, asked about Phillips and Powell. "The second time around, it's almost like a Whitesnake album really, without David, you know. I think I brought in a couple of mates to play, but Cozy played on a couple tracks, which was great. And it was just done very quickly. But I like the album now. There's some kind of vibe about it, that it shouldn't really have, because it was done fairly quickly. But maybe that's the secret-in and out. I like the song 'Look At Me Now'; should have been a Whitesnake song. I was naive enough to think, no, I'll keep that one for me, but Dave would've done a great job on that. And I would've sold a lot more copies (laughs)."

Were any of them put forward as Whitesnake songs, from that second album?

"Only 'Look At Me Now', and David expressed some interest in that, and I said, no, that's the title of the album, need to keep that one. I'm the big loser in that one, really (laughs)."

See for information on these two historic gems, each of which contain bonus tracks, archival photos and, printed in the booklet, interview footage with Bernie concerning their construction.