MASTERS OF REALITY - Chaos In The Desert
By Martin Popoff

And if it ain't chaos, it's certainly another looped take on time and space. First of all, Chris Goss IS Masters Of Reality, having recorded with a bunch of folk through the years, including Ginger Baker for '92's Sunrise On The Sufferbus. More chaos ensues when you notice that this is a band with three very, very different studio albums (as well as one out-of-print live spread), launched to a perplexed public in '88, '92 and '00, with the live album in '97 and the '88 album again in '90 (different cover art, different label) and soon in '01 (through Rhino, with bonus tracks), the '92 album again in '00, and the '00 album (Welcome To The Western Lodge, which caused our chat with the man to happen), again in '01, i.e. first time in America, through Spitfire.

And if that isn't enough time travel for ya, Chris is putting the finishing touches on the next Masters Of Reality album, blessed with the cheeky title (for now?), McMusic, featuring such enigmatic ditties as 'High Noon Amsterdam', 'Third Man On The Moon' and 'Scattergoria'.

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