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By Martin Popoff

"I guess it's as simple as I did what I feel like doing," offers Chris on the lush crush of the current Western Lodge album. "I wanted to do something different, yet I don't know how different it is. Looking back at my own stuff, it's just kind of... they matched the mood of when the record was made. We called the album Welcome To The Western Lodge as sort of a welcome mat for people to step on before you get into the album, because it's a strange little record."

Have there been other artists on the home playlist that might have pushed you in this direction? "Probably, although I don't know if it's pushing. I've been a big David Bowie fan all my life. His ability to switch gears from record to record, probably especially during the '70s where he could jump from Diamond Dogs to Station To Station to Low to Heroes, just doing these dark, moody records, which I enjoyed and still do. I listened to Diamond Dogs quite a bit before I did Western Lodge."

And what about a production philosophy? "Blare (laughs). I don't know, I think the songs all sound different from each other. It's maybe a little pissed off."

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