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By Martin Popoff

Chris, of course, is also an in-demand producer with the stoner rock elite. "It's kind of a long story," explains Goss. "I had an operating studio in Palm Springs for a number of years and I just moved out to Joshua Tree. So for the time being I'm doing records by renting houses for different records. So right now I have a studio that gets moved around Joshua Tree. Western Lodge was done about two years ago. Since then I've produced Queens Of The Stone Age and Unida and I'm finishing up a new Masters Of Reality album now. I'm also working on the new Desert Sessions record simultaneously with the solo album from Josh from Queens Of The Stone Age. The new Masters will be out in Europe in the fall."

Chris characterizes McMusic as "rock, with no white boys rapping on it, which is something you won't hear on a Masters Of Reality record. It's a rock 'n' roll record." Heavier and more straightforward than Western Lodge? "Probably. I know I've had a lot of fun singing this new record as far as vocal harmonies go. I just felt free to take it wherever I want to vocally. And I could stack harmonies for days in the studio, I love to do that, yeah, probably a lot more intricate vocal work."

Any philosophy behind having different players on all of your records, or would you like to keep a standard band at some point?

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