MASTERS OF REALITY - Chaos In The Desert Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"Actually I'd love to keep a standard band but it's hard to do with the schedule. There are spaces between Masters Of Reality records and any musician that I get on with would have to be available when I'm ready to do one. This particular one I'm working on now, actually for the first time, all of my friends who I love to play with are not out on tour, so there are all kinds of guest appearances on the new record, Queens Of The Stone Age, Screaming Trees, A Perfect Circle, some friends from The Flys. There are probably about 10 or 12 guests on it, and that's a first. This is the first time I'm doing a record that I had some people around who wanted to jam and be involved in it. Usually they're on tour."

"With Masters Of Reality, I'd like to get records out quicker and I think I am now," offers Goss in closing. "But as far as making other records, I mean, I'm in the studio constantly so in terms of the general pace of making records, yeah, I'm making enough records. To me, both situations are the same creative process. I enjoy them just as much. I get asked that quite a bit. I love to make rock 'n' roll records and I have a chance to do it with bands I enjoy, which is actually the only bands I work with. I don't go out and solicit work. I don't go hang out backstage in L.A. and look for bands to produce. A lot of musicians who want to work with me, find me. If they like what I do and they want some of the principles that I apply to music, that's great. It's the same thing, whether I'm doing a Masters record or working with another band, I consider it like going into the Biosphere for a few months with someone, like an expedition. The doors get closed and the windows get shut and you come out with a record and yeah, it's a gas."