MAX WEBSTER - Here To Thin The Thickness Of Your Hair Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Asked about his first impressions of Mike, Terry adds that, "Mike was one of the reasons that I joined Max Webster. Because he's very good at practicalities, and was taking care of getting equipment and dealing with agents and everything like that. And he's a good rock bass player too. And at that's time Kim was kind of pretty strange sometimes, and Mike Tilka had his feet on the ground and was shepherding the whole process along. So he was really important to the band in the early days."

I asked Terry if this all bodes well for any sort of future for this beloved Canuck fixture.

"Yes, the situation now is Kim has just finished recording a new CD. I've only heard one track, but it's really good. It's going to be on the market shortly and he's going to tour off of that over the summer, with the Kim Mitchell Band. And then everyone seems to want to do more dates. They're probably going to happen in the fall or maybe early winter. Because, especially, in Toronto, a lot of people just can't get to this thing tomorrow night. You can't buy tickets, and a lot of people don't have the time or the patience to go through all these radio station contests, to get tickets. We have a huge guest list, but we've come to the end of that now."

What about recording plans?

"Well, that's been mentioned too. What we really decided was that we would see what happened at the show tomorrow night, and then make plans after that. But if we do play together again, it won't be an extended thing. It'll just be half a dozen dates, unless, you know, it turns into a new CD and so on. Then who knows?"

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