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By Martin Popoff

Dave explains the strange (presumptuous? pompous?) title of the album. "I don't know if you know how the history of that came about. We were in Japan eating dinner with the promoter Mr. Udo. He takes us out to this wonderful dinner, usually toward the end of the tour, where you cook this steak on this hot rock in the middle of this table. It's incredible, and Mr. Udo is an icon in the business and we pretty much hang on every word he says and we have these wonderful conversations. Anyway, the conversation that night over dinner, we were talking about musicians falling from grace over drugs, and all these people who at the pinnacle of their careers, just fell from grace, even through their own stupidity or saying and doing the wrong things, and he says to Dave, 'Dave, the world needs a hero.' And the air... you could just hear the words lingering out there in the air as he said it. And Dave kept that and proceeded to write some words. So that's where it came from and also the conversation surrounding that was important as well. Because if you think about it, any human... that old saying 'everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame,' and that's pretty much the way it is for any human that you try to make an icon out of. You can't be all things to all people all the time. Eventually you're going to fall."

Here's Dave commenting on the self-production of the album, Hero's back cover credit going all Cryptic Writings with "Produced By Dave Mustaine. Co-Produced By Bill Kennedy."

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