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By Martin Popoff

"It's funny, our earlier records have a real vibe and attitude about them that came partly from our inexperience and also because we didn't have enough money. If you are like most bands, you get it together as best you can. You jump in the studio and you bang it out until your funds run out and then it's done whether you want it to be or not (laughs). And that wasn't the case with this record. But it certainly had that attitude of 'let's get in and nail it.'. Man, we were ripping out drum and guitar and bass tracks in a couple of days. The entire album went quickly, and that was cool. And that was the fire, the honesty in the band members to get it right as opposed to money dictating it, which is a cool place to be. And as far as the producing with Dave, originally it started out to be a co-production as all Megadeth records have been, Dave and fill in the blank, and we hooked up with Bill Kennedy. He actually flew out from L.A. and we met him at the Phoenix airport and had a quick sandwich and a couple of Starbucks and the next thing you know we're booking studio time a half-hour later. It was like, 'OK, this guy's it, let's go.' And it was like, we the band know what we want and Dave has always been at the helm steering the ship even with the other producers who we've worked with. Dave's always been the spokesman for the band creatively and in the studio, and really Dave being the producer, it just kind of developed that way. Because as we were going, we realized that Bill Kennedy was an excellent engineer, but with this team, Dave and Bill Kennedy, Dave was really starting to do more and more and more of the work musically because, I don't know, it was needed for him to step up to the plate and do it and he did. So Dave sort of unknowingly walked into the producer's chair. And I think he did a fantastic job and it's cool that the whole thing is now in-house."

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