MEGADETH - Dave Takes Sanctuary In A Live Album
By Martin Popoff

With what is becoming a well-worn, predictable formula, Sanctuary Records can look forward to another live album from one of their artists. This time it's Megadeth, who look to be devising a 3CD mammoth set, along with a DVD before convening for what is promised to be a new kick-ass studio album.

"We're planning on doing a live record down in South America and we want to play 40 songs," explains Dave. "And we're going to put two songs in there that people are going to hate. We're going to put 'Secret Place' in there because it was a number five hit in America and we're going to put 'I'll Be There' in there because 'I'll Be There' was a song written specifically for South America. They sing soccer songs down there; they sing soccer songs in Europe."

In terms of the heavier direction of the next album, Dave says the idea came somewhat as an epiphany. "We were out on tour one time on Ozzfest and there were these two really big dudes and they were putting their hands on top of their heads and doing pirouettes and shit during 'Symphony Of Destruction' and I'm not afraid of anybody; I don't care how big they are. If I want to fight someone, I'll fight them. And I'm looking at these two guys and I'm thinking, you know what, I feel like putting down my guitar on the stage and walking out into the audience and kicking the shit out of these two guys right now, right here. And I should have known right then that they were sending me a message. But you know what, all I did was I took it personal. And thank God I have friends like Tim (ed.: Henderson) and people like that who in their apparent anger were able to reach me because I was lost, you know?"

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