MEGADETH - Dave Takes Sanctuary In A Live Album Page 2
By Martin Popoff

"I was the leader, or I was A leader, for the metal community," continues Dave. "And for whatever reason, things happened and I kind went in a different direction and I guess watching what happened with my previous band and watching what was happening to us, I made a choice. Do I want to be big or do I want to stay small and have my credibility? And I made a choice and said, 'you know, I want to be successful.' But then the success was much more difficult than I ever imagined and the flak that I took wasn't worth it. So I said you know what, f**k it, I'd rather be playing small clubs because we're playing music that's not really popular and have people that love me because I'm Dave Mustaine, rather than have fair weather fans that will be here today because my song's on the radio, and tomorrow, they won't be there and they don't even know who the guys in the band are."

In summary, Mustaine posted the following Mega-schedule: 1. VH1 Behind the Music coming out 10/9/01; 2. Live record being tracked in Argentina 10/16-17/01 coming out in winter or spring of 2002; 3. Old record (Killing Is My Business ... And Business Is Good) being remixed and remastered and repackaged coming out in winter or spring of 2002 and 4. Great new support coming out for the end of the U.S. tour. ICED EARTH!" Mustaine also mentioned that "the new record is coming along sloooooooowly."