You Might Be A Metalhead Page 2
by C.J. Cain

11. You much prefer the ambience of the small shops that sell music and "specialty items" than the mega-chains when buying music.

12. You still nostalgically watch your worn out tapes of "Headbanger's Ball."

13. You've been to concerts in at least three different states.

14. You've ever lost your girl/guy in the crowd at a concert and had a better time because of it.

15. You own the same recording in at least three different formats. (Bonus points for 8-track.)

16. You've ever gotten pissed at a chick in the crowd who threw her panties onstage, because she hit the guitarist and wrecked his concentration.

17. You can fall asleep with the headphones on and at full volume, because the music relaxes you.

18. You've ever had motorists laugh at you because they've seen you head-bangin' in your car, by yourself, and not given a shit.

19. Your idea of a perfect vacation would be to visit every place mentioned in "Girls, Girls, Girls".

20. The thought of watching or listening to anyone "unplugged" is enough to make you vomit.