MICHAEL DES BARRES - "It's A Dangerous Thing To Give Young Men A Million Dollars In The City Of Angels" Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"The thing is, it was fantastic everybody wanted the vanity and I say that completely humbly, but we went with Zeppelin because of energy, of the vibe, you know? One thing that is very important that you need to understand, we were so stoned! (laughs). Any decisions that were made, or any sense of, 'Oh, gosh, nobody's paying attention to us!', never occurred to us because we were living in Los Angeles. We waited a year for Jimmy to produce the album. We'd been given, you know, a million dollars. It's a dangerous thing to give young men a million dollars in the City of Angels. So, we weren't thinking about marketing or promotion either. We were just making music and having fun. You know, in retrospect, I suppose those things apply, but at the time it was fantastic! I mean, every band I've been in, every note played has been... I'm so grateful. I never feel like, 'Oh, we should've sold more records.' Or, 'Hey Michael, how does it feel to be underrated as a great rock vocalist?' I never think in those terms! Because, it doesn't service me to do so. I'm just so blessed to be able to plug in and play. You know, I always say to young bands, on any given night, your band can be the best band in the world. You're there for the magic of those three chords. Your're not there to be patted on the back, or the head, or the ass, you know? You're there to make rock 'n' roll music, and that, I think saved my life on many occasions."

"Well, we've been everywhere with it," says Michael in closing, putting his old bones on the line and taking the music to the people. "I don't actually know how far it goes, with the trajectory. It's played in 180 countries. STEVE VAN ZANDT championed us, in the beginning, and the record is, good lord... selling (laughs) The gigs have been incredible. We're playing here, tomorrow night, in LA. I mean, we're constantly playing, and in January, we go out with a major act, but I cannot disclose, at this point. It's been an amazing thing. Remember, that this record was made in a week, it was distributed by Entertainment One and my label, Gonzo Multimedia. It was embraced by people, like you... thank God! Classic rock aficionados have jumped all over it. It has got its certain authenticity and truth to it, that cuts through the crap of this auto-tuned, laptop bullshit. I mean, I'm not 14! You know, I happen to think Skrillex is brilliant. What I'm saying, and what Steven Van Zandt stands for, is waving the flag of authenticity, which means that five people, boys and girls, whatever, sit in a room, stand in a room, and play the music, looking into each others' eyes. And out of that comes something, you know? It might not be perfect, and the song might suck, but if it's true, and you mean it, it's beautiful."