Michael Monroe - Finn Glam Thank You Ma'am...
By Martin Popoff

Michael Monroe is through with being ahead of his time, as was the case with his legendary sleaze band Hanoi Rocks. He is also vehemently against being behind the times, continuing to create new music at a steady, relentless pace, guesting on other people's albums, forming side bands, and ever so talentedly playing most of the instruments on his solo albums.

But as is the case with the vagaries of a business that has victimized Monroe and Hanoi more than rewarded them, Michael's latest release schedule is a bit of a jumble. Which is why we are celebrating two Monroe solo albums right now, not one, both "old", both stirring rock 'n' roll albums that are a bit Hanoi, a bit Dolls, and a bit Dead Boys. Life Gets You Dirty (SPV/Steamhammer) is the man's '99 record, only now officially launched in the states, and Peace Of Mind is the album PREVIOUS, only now released in the states through Deadline Records.

Mike explains. "Life Gets You Dirty is the latest one, and it's new in the states, although it's been about in Europe since last year. Peace Of Mind was the album before it. What happened with that album on Deadline/Cleopatra is that I didn't get them the album cover art. There was like a middleman who totally disregarded the creative process and I had no way of getting in touch with them and I had done the deal and I'd never heard from anybody and they used some promo shots and made their own cover and there's no lyrics or anything. The original cover, I still haven't sent them, even though I finally got in touch with them. I guess things are OK. I'm going to meet them soon because I think I'm going to tour the States soon. So they put it out, but with their own cover."

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