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By Martin Popoff

How would you describe what you came up with on Life Gets You Dirty? "I think it's more involved than anything I had done before. You learn from experience and I think compared to Peace Of Mind, I think it's a little wider spectrum of sound and types of songs. Peace Of Mind was a little more straight ahead. They're both still high energy good rock but I think I've evolved. There's more variety."

Monroe's lyrics always struck right to the heart of rock 'n' roll emotion, glam meets girl, glam gets dirty, life gets dirty. I wondered what got the guy's creative juices flowing, what got him mad.

"What gets me mad (laughs)? What doesn't get me mad! My lyrics are a reflection of my life, experiences I've been going through. My personality and point of view are reflected in my lyrics. 'If the world don't want me, I don't want the world.' But I try to leave room for interpretation. Songs mean different things to different people sometimes and people can't have had the exact same experiences I've had. I try to write songs that mean a little more than the superficial. I can kind of share my feelings. I have things on my mind that I like to get out and say, and hopefully they can relate to it. And maybe I'll raise some questions and make people think of something they wouldn't have otherwise. I'm trying to use them for positive action."

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