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by Martin Popoff

"We've maintained that, and a lot of people have gotten away from that and come out with this crazy stuff, but I think these album covers are historic. I think these album covers are going to be more historic as time goes on, and they have true meaning to them, that is directly involved with the concept of the record. Paul and I get together, I tell him pretty much what my concept is of the record, and the album cover title. And he takes off. He pencils some stuff in, sends it to me, I make a few changes, and he finishes the rest. He is absolutely amazing. He's the best artist I've ever worked with in my life. He's done work with just about everybody - Lord Of The Rings, he's got credit on. There's a lot of stuff he's been on."

Asked about the aforementioned themes, Bobby keys in on the band's strident latest album, Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge. "A lot of people ask what that's about. That record was written... it was pre-produced and the tracks were laid, the basic tracks were made, before the lyrics were actually put on there finally. And my wife Stephanie and I, when I came back from Germany, the first time, then we had a little break, and then we were going to get back and finish it, and then a month later, she actually heard the album, and her favourite song on there was Rainbow Bridge, and a week later she passed away. So we named the album after her, and also the title track was her favourite track, and she, you know, that's dedicated to her life and her life story."

"Stephanie was like a seventh member of the band," continues a visibly gone quiet Bobby. "And when Paul heard about what had happened, he made that album cover, and the Rainbow Bridge is the crossing over from this side, this world to the next. Stephanie was the longest running female to be involved with Molly Hatchet, on a consistent basis. We worked on the band every day for 12 years, and she had so much input that nobody ever saw. She didn't want any credit. She never wanted any credit for it. And she helped in so many ways, that people would just never believe she had gotten involved with. And to give up or stop the band - which I can; I own the trademark, we were owners of the trademarks - it wouldn't have been the thing to do. Number one, because of all the work that she did would have been in vain. You know? And number two, the fans. I think the fans still want to hear the music."

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