MOLLY HATCHET - Southern Hospitality, Loudly Delivered Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Did you actually consider, for any length of time, closing up shop?

"A piece of me died when she died. Not musically, but emotionally it did. And it still is. Because it was so tragic. She was so young, she was my first marriage, I was hers, we didn't have any children. My parents are both deceased. I have no relatives. I never thought for a second to close the door. I could have, but I thought of her. And she would have not wanted me to. She would want me to continue with it. And the more and more I thought about it, it would've been in vain to stop. But she was giving me inspiration, through all the years, and the more and more I thought about it, I'm thinking no, no, no, because she wouldn't want it. She was tough, but she was the sweetest tough. She would do anything in the world for you. She would give you the shirt off her back. She would cook dinner for you in the middle of the night. She would run to the store. She was a people pleaser, you know? And bless her heart, it's a shame, but you can't question God. And I don't look at it as she's gone, I look at it as she's just waiting for me."

Don't miss your chance to see Molly Hatchet live. Visits in some of the markets on this tour are few and far between. See for more.