MICHAEL MONROE - Glam-Slams Toronto!
by Martin Popoff

HANOI ROCKS legend MICHAEL MONROE recently brought his solo band to The Mod Club in Toronto in support of the big blonde's killer new album, Sensory Overdrive.

"It's more of a band record," explained Michael, pre-show and post-sound check, with regard to the slamming new record. "There's a great band in it, and it's got no covers, just cool new songs, and we all share the same vision in the band. Really, I think it's one of the best ones I've done, if not the best one."

No argument here, particular highlights for this writer being 'All You Need', 'Bombs Away' first single '78' and the "autobiographical" 'Trick Of The Wrist', a personal favourite of Michael's on the album, as is 'Got Blood' for its "machine gun vocal."

"I like melodic stuff," adds Michael, addressing the mix of churning hard, punky rock with rootsy material reminiscent of the NEW YORK DOLLS (after all, there are two present-day Dolls in Michael's band - Sami Yaffa and Steve Conte). "We had some good writers in here, working with GINGER (ex-WILDHEARTS; no longer a touring member) and Steve and Sami. I like melody. It's high energy rock 'n' roll, for sure, but I like to have melody too. I like all kinds of stuff... '50s rock 'n' roll, '60s rock 'n' roll, from Little Richard to... but the punk thing was a good kick in the ass. Really, that attitude... that's what the '78' song is about: the spirit of punk."

What did you like so much about punk?

"The energy and the attitude. It was a kick in the ass and it really shook up all the old, complacent, boring, rich rock stars living in their castles and doing their self-indulgent things. A lot of bands just started up, not thinking they were good enough at playing, but they got into it and got into the playing for the right reasons. The lyrics were saying something more as well."

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