MICHAEL MONROE - Glam-Slams Toronto! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

What makes Sensory Overdrive feel like a particularly important Michael Monroe solo album is the presence of big shot producer Jack Douglas, of AEROSMITH fame, who has given the band a robust, explosive sound

"He was into the stuff," begins Mike. "He liked the demos we sent him and he wanted to do it. He didn't try to change anything for the sake of changing it. The stuff was pretty well put together. He had great arrangement ideas, and he lived with the band in the same house we were recording in, and he got to know us and that's a great attitude for a producer. So yeah, he was very good to work with. He let things be that didn't have to be changed and like I say, he had some really good suggestions for arrangements. But yeah, Jack got the idea of what we were doing - we spoke the same language."

Back to the rock-solid writing of the thing, specifically the record's timeless riffs... "We had Ginger involved very much from the last record, as well as Steve and Sami, but we haven't really started writing with this new lineup, together. I mean, Dragan replacing Ginger happened this June, end of June, so we've just been playing gigs so far. We have some ideas and stuff but we haven't got into writing the next album. Ginger decided that he wanted to spend more time with his kids. He's got a four-year-old kid at home, and he wanted to do his solo career more, but that doesn't mean he's not going to write with us. We agreed that we are still going to write together in the future. But we're just playing live shows now. Like I say, we're not writing right at this moment."

Hopefully an increased number of perhaps lapsed Hanoi Rocks and Michael fans will get out there and hear this record, in studio version and performed live - the label behind the man certainly agrees that Sensory Overdrive is worth the drive...

"Yeah, we're signed to Universal Finland, plus the UK office as well," notes Michael, in closing. "The guy in Finland, the head of the label, was really determined. He said to our manager that if anybody else offers you anything, anything they offer, I'll offer you more. Don't even think about it. We want you. Which is of course a great thing to hear."