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By Martin Popoff

But Dave has definitely been a beneficiary of the pop culture machine. Big corporate wheels turned rather efficiently in order to assure the band's breakthrough Powertrip album of Gold status. From a press and promotion perch, I'd even venture that the effort expended was ultimately exaggerated with respect to the final result. Wyndorf essentially got Platinum exposure for Gold sales, granted, much credit going to the man himself for being a colourful and animated interviewee.

"Yes, I was impressed with the effort, but I still feel like an outsider," offers Dave with an eye to the irony. "I always have. It's misinterpreted a lot of times, the humour in a Monster Magnet record. It goes in one ear and out the other. That was the most straight-ahead record I wrote and still, it was so cynical that a lot of people didn't really get what was going on. I don't feel as much a part of this machine yet. I think I would have to sell diamond, like 10 million records. Right now I feel like one of the only bands that survived this whole grunge thing with their balls intact and I'm still fighting the good fight. I always feel a little bit to the left of what's going on."

Do you recall any instances with the last record where someone at the label or in the press was just so out to lunch with respect to what you were about that you just rolled your eyes?

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