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By Martin Popoff

"(laughs) Oh yes, it happens all the time and it's been happening. They'll pick up on a certain element of the record. Like the element on Powertrip - which I blame myself for, so I have to answer to, they are my consequences - the element that made Powertrip sellable to a lot of people was the burlesque element, girls, money signs, ya ta da da da ta (sings Bugs Bunny music). So I'd arrive and people would be nothing but this, like, Bud Light, radio programmer guy (big radio voice), 'So, are you going to have some tits tonight? Would you like to see some big tits?!?' And I'm like, you don't get it, it's sort of like a joke, a commentary. So I get a lot of that. The burlesque thing has been trailing me around. It's not like I have anything against burlesque, but there are so many more levels to this than just tits and ass. It's not like it's Kid Rock, not that I have anything against Kid Rock, but you know what I mean. There's satire and innuendo and there's a lot of bittersweet stuff in there too."

So one can understand the perplexed, somewhat non-plussed reaction to God Says No thus far. It is definitely less hooky and immediate compared to Powertrip's jiggly open road bottle throttle. Is God Says No darker, crustier rock from a drafty yet damp garage?

"First of all, vocals was the main thing that I wanted to change. I wanted to get richer, deeper vocals and a wider dimension, songs that I could sing low, songs that I could sing high. And in order to do that I did a lot of tuning changes. It's all in the details. I wanted to make a record that was really, at least in Monster Magnet-land, a little more subdued. Powertrip was really over-the-top, as far as 'rroooaaarrr', you know? So I wanted to pull it down a notch. And I also wanted to bring some of the early psychedelic influences that I left out of Powertrip from other records and from Monster Magnet in the past, back into it; fuse that with the song structure."

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