Monster Magnet - God Says Here Are Your Interviews For Today. Go. Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"The lyrics on the record, I have to draw from my real life and I have to draw from my observations and my emotional state at the time. That's what makes you able to write lyrics forever. So this one turned out to be kind of a huge reflection on the whole Powertrip experience, which brought me in contact with a lot of different people, a lot of very ego-filled people and a lot of people with no ego at all who wanted to be controlled, and a lot of people who wanted to control. Sex was a big part of it, sleep deprivation was another big part of it (laughs), which causes delusions. You get a lot of time that you're awake, where you need sleep but you have to be awake. The record to me reflects a lot of decisions that I had to make, how much to exploit celebrity in order to get I want. Is it worth it? How important is it for us to share with other people as opposed to taking from other people? What do you need as a human being to be a good person versus doing what you want? So there are a lot of dark lyrics on the record. I'm trying to figure out just what the hell I'm doing (laughs)."

"It gets pretty bizarre," comments Dave on how this level of celebrity manifests itself in the fanbase. "I get everything from stained-glass scorpions to angels and other statutes; it's really cool, little kids' paintings, lots of drugs, which I immediately give to somebody who does drugs, 'here you go, here's some drugs.' And all the way to the ultimate rock 'n' roll stereotype, white trash trailer park in the middle of Alabama, with somebody going, 'hey, you wanna f**k my girlfriend?' and I'm like 'Woah! You're a great host pal, but that's OK.'"