MOONSPELL - In Sickness And Health... Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Given the amount of, and intensity of, of dynamics on here, from heavy to soft, is there a bit of a poison/antidote dichotomy to that as well?

"Actually, there's a lot of darkness in Moonspell, and that's something I like to play with. It's like yin and yang. Between the dark dimension and the light dimension, there's a lot between, and I like to write about that. And I think that's where people live and where people dream. It's not in the dark dimension or the light dimension but a sense of being pushed from one to the other. That's the hard part and I think that's what I write about."

"I think fear is something primitive, even secular," continues Fernando, lighting upon one of the album's sub-themes. "I think we're definitely born with certain characteristics and I think fear is on the menu (laughs), let's put it that way, part of the ingredients of a human being. And then it has to do with your society. Globally what is uniting people from different countries is something they can really understand. In the '80s, I could watch the news on TV, and certain people were suffering here and there, and I was definitely impressed by that, but now I think we can share the fear and sense it because nobody is safe anymore. Fear makes people come out in the streets but it makes people do works of art as well. Dark, in general, is getting darker and more desperate. And that's good in a way, because it's much better to answer the questions we have throughout all the ways and means we have achieved humanity. And as artists especially, to satisfy our curiosity is very important. Even if the answers are not as we like, it's important to try and understand. And I think we're having such a heartfelt reaction to The Antidote everywhere because people know what we're talking about. Even though it's classic and it's romantic and it's poetry and it's metaphorical and we speak about people born as a Capricorn and we speak about what happens the moment we are born in From Lowering Skies, I think the root of it is common to everyone. Even people, like in Portugal, that do not listen to Moonspell... they are very interested in this album because it is about fear. People want to know more about it, because it's something they now feel every second of their lives."